Garifuna cuisine in Livingstone

The best place to try tapado: an unusual but delicious seafood soup.

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Garifuna cuisine in Livingstone

Long live coconut milk!

Livingston is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country, located on the shores of the Caribbean and famous for its idyllic beaches surrounded by stunning mountains. It is also famous for both its history and gastronomy, being the best place to sample Garifuna cuisine, with its exquisite Afro-Caribbean roots. This style of food mixes seafood with other typical products from the region, such as yucca or plantain. The star dish is, without question, the tapado: an excellent seafood soup made from coconut milk, plantains, single cream and vegetables. Although you've probably never had this combination of flavours before, you'll want a second helping as soon as you try it. A personal recommendation? Make sure you try the typical breakfast of potatoes with chilli and onion or fried golden plantain on the beach front; it will be an unforgettable experience.

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