Quality, taste and aroma: three words that define the essence of Guatemalan coffee.

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Guatemalan coffee

One of the country's main economic drivers.

Although coffee is not originally a Guatemalan product, this hasn't stopped it becoming one of the country's flagship crops. There are lots of theories as to when it was brought into the country: some say it was during the reign of Carlos III; others suggest a later date, towards the end of the 18th century. In any case, thanks to the extraordinary climate all year round in Guatemala, its coffee has received numerous accolades and has been named the best coffee in the world by no small number of institutions. What's more, the different microclimates in Guatemala mean that different types of beans can be grown here, each more flavoursome than the last: from hard and semi-hard to prime or extra-prime. Coffee is the main economic driver and heart of the country, especially in rural areas, making Guatemala the largest exporter of coffee in Central America.

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