Egg, flour, lemon and sugar. A simple mixture but... with an incredible taste!

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Guatemalan paciencias

A mouth-watering reputation.

Cakes and desserts are one of the most famous facets of Guatemalan cuisine, boasting both outstanding quality and excellent flavour. The fusion of cultures is palpable here too, with classics even including the Arabic ramalazos, originating from the slaves brought here in previous centuries. Recipes change from region to region but if we had to pick just one, the famous paciencias would win hands down: these small, golden cakes have a crunchy texture and are made from egg, flour, sugar and lemon. They're almost like sweets. Although they're originally from the region of Petén, you can find them all over the country; in fact, the ones made in Antigua are very popular. Looking for a souvenir to surprise your friends or family? This would be a great choice.

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