One of the city's largest sporting venues used today for cultural events.

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Hipódromo del Sur

1,600 metres long!

Opened in 1923 by the general José María Orellana, the Hipódromo del Sur or southern hippodrome was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of national independence. It was incorporated into the enormous Aurora estate, together with the airport, which at the time was a gigantic park and popular promenade. An extremely popular venue, it underwent various renovations and was finally finished in 1930 during the term of President Jorge Ubico. Together with the Hipódromo del Norte or northern hippodrome, it was the only horse racing venue in the city. This enormous, 1,600-metre track is still open to the public, although it is currently used for events of a more cultural nature, although it also has an equestrian centre.

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