The top of this volcano has some of the best panoramic views in Guatemala.

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Ipala Volcano

A crater over one kilometre wide!

This is one of the most impressive geological features in the entire country, located in the southern department of Chiquimula. Ipala is no ordinary volcano: it is in fact a stratovolcano, formed from layer upon layer of solidified lava and rock. It is over 1,500 metres tall, but the most impressive thing about it is the size of its crater: one kilometre wide! Amazing, right? You can usually get to the top on foot; that is, if you're not on one of the especially difficult routes. At the end of the climb, you'll be rewarded by beautiful views of the entire region and the neighbouring Suchitán Volcano, which is also very popular. You can either tackle the climb on foot or hire a horse to help with the ascent. We recommend bringing some warm clothing to protect against the low temperatures at the summit.

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