Trekking, mountain trails and adventure sports are just some of the attractions.

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Las Victorias National Park

Green heart of Guatemala.

In the central department of Alta Verapaz, there is a city called Cobán and at the heart of this city, you'll find the Las Victorias National Park. This protected area covers over eighty hectares and is a very privileged place of unrivalled natural beauty; unsurprisingly, it is ideal for trekking, mountain trails and other adventure sports. It is home to a small lake known as La Laguneta, which has a rich ecosystem full of prawns and different species of fish, tortoise, lizards and other exotic reptiles. Towards the end of the route around the park, you'll find the church of El Calvario and the Ermita de Santo Domingo chapel, offering some truly spectacular views. Surrounded by this stunning landscape, you'll soon understand why this area is called the green heart of Guatemala.

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