Guatemala offers an excellent range of pre- and post-dinner drinks. Cheers!

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As a digestif for afters or an aperitif before you eat, Guatemala has a diverse range of traditional alcoholic drinks with very unique flavours that are well worth a try. The most unusual is perhaps cusha, which is made from fermented fruits and is usually prepared during the month of May in honour of the Virgen de los Morenos. However, you'll be able to find its intense flavour at other times of the year. This fruit-based drink is made from aguardiente and local cherries, and chicha, which is the least alcoholic, is made from fermented corn, although it can also be made with fruits. In turn, Zacapa rum was created in 1976 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the village of Zacapa and it's been one of the country's most popular spirits ever since. It is also exported internationally.

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