Metropolitan Cathedral of Guatemala City

It changed location, but its beauty and grandeur are still very impressive.

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Guatemala City

The most important church.

Guatemala City was not always the capital of this Central American country; this decision was made at the end of the 18th century, after the tragic earthquakes that devastated the country, when the official institutions and the cathedral were relocated. The move was completed on 15 March 1815, when the image of the Virgen del Socorro was installed in the cathedral in the new capital, a more than symbolic event for the congregation. Of a notably neoclassical style and after significant reconstruction in the wake of each earthquake, it is the most important religious building in the capital. It is located at the heart of the historical quarter. Interestingly, the gold from the altarpieces in the former cathedral was melted down to decorate the new ones, just like the bell from the main tower, which was made from the bronze from the San José Fortress.

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