This centre is of immeasurable value and... its views are no less spectacular!

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Miraflores Museum

In honour of Kaminaljuyu.

Although the arrival of the Europeans in Guatemala caused part of the country's native culture to be lost, traces of the Mayan civilisation have been recovered over the years through various cultural centres. One of these is the Miraflores Museum which is dedicated to Kaminaljuyu, one of the most important Mayan cities. Hugely important archaeological finds have been discovered at this site, some of which are up to 3,000 years old: sculptures, ceramics, hydraulic engineering works, regalia and typical clothing are just some of the historical treasures on display at this museum. Interestingly, it also has a space dedicated to new forms of artistic expression in Guatemala, with craftwork, paintings and contemporary sculptures. No less special are the views of the Sierra Madre volcanoes which can be enjoyed from this centre.

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