Famous for its fashionable shops, it also offers countless options for dining out.

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Paseo Cayalá

A city within a city.

Quite different to the traditional, everyday markets, the Paseo Cayalá is located in the centre of the capital and offers an alternative shopping experience. Covering a total of 63 blocks, this area has been built as a miniature city with houses, apartments, hotels, shopping areas and a huge choice of cafes, bars and restaurants. It feels like a city within a city. The range of shops is among the best in the country and you'll be sure to find all the latest fashions, national and international brands, accessories and sportswear; there is also a number of second-hand shops and outlet stores. This is a pleasant, peaceful place to explore at your leisure, to enjoy a quiet, relaxing stroll around the shops. It is also a good option for an evening meal or an afternoon snack.

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