Some of the best Mayan ruins can be found here. Not to be missed!

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Petén: the archaeological epicentre

A real journey through time.

In the north of the country, this gigantic Natural Biosphere Reserve is home to some of the most valuable land in Guatemala. The importance of this reserve is twofold. Firstly, for its incredible nature: the flora, fauna and minerals here are among the most unique in the world. Secondly, for its huge archaeological value, serving as a window to the past to reveal the hidden details of the great Mayan civilisation. Petén is also home to the Tikal National Park, the most important in the country, in addition to other ancient cities such as Piedras Negras, on the border with Mexico. If you want to go further back in time, you can also visit the caves of Actún Can, a sacred place for indigenous cultures. All these places, as you'll find out, are archaeological sites of great historical importance.

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