Surrounded by historic buildings, this is the epicentre of public life in the capital.

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Plaza de Armas, Guatemala City

The largest public square in the country.

15 September 1821 is a key date in the history of Guatemala: the Act of Independence of Central America was signed that day, under which Guatemala gained independence from Spain, and the official act took place in the Plaza de Armas. Over time, this square has also come to be known as Plaza de la Constitución or Constitution Square. This enormous space is the largest public square in the country and it's surrounded by some of the most important buildings in the capital: to the north by the National Palace; to the south by the Portal del Comercio; to the east by the Metropolitan Cathedral; and to the west by the National Library. It goes without saying that it is the nerve centre of public life in Guatemala and one of the top places to visit in the capital. What's more, it is the ideal starting point for a sightseeing trip around the city.

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