A great place to find out about daily life in the Mayan culture. You'll love it!

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Popul Vuh Museum

The home of funerary art.

The history of Guatemala is the sum of the civilisations that lived on the continent before the arrival of the Europeans, an incredible legacy that still lives on today, shedding light on the idiosyncrasies of diverse ancient cultures. The Popul Vuh Museum has a lot to say on this topic: it is one of the guardians of the memory and artistic heritage of this pre-Colombian culture. Located on the city's university campus, it has numerous collections of all types of art, from ceramics and etchings to metal and wooden utensils that depict daily life in Mayan society. Its collection of funerary art is superb, showing one of the most fascinating sides of Mayan culture. A real must: your trip to Guatemala won't be complete without visiting this centre.

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