Peaceful and secluded enclave with impressive sunsets.

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Punta de Manabique

Coastal paradise in the north.

A beautiful tip of the country, a peninsula that forms the border with Honduras in the middle of the Caribbean coast. This unique area is an authentic coastal paradise that has been made into a nature reserve. Thanks to the peacefulness of Punta de Manabique, the fauna and flora is still basically wild, especially the marine life. In fact, among the coconut trees and palm trees, you'll see tortoise, tapir and jaguar, although these large cats are very elusive. One of the best ways to explore the area is to head to the port and take a motorboat along the coast to look for marine animals and plants. The crystalline water offers great visibility and, if you have the chance, head out towards the end of the day as the sunsets are among the best you'll ever see. The area is also full of mangrove forests.

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