Ever picture yourself swimming in a lagoon in a secluded, natural paradise? Here you can!

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Semuc Champey

Fun and spectacular wild area.

Jungle greenery, wild nature, pretty lagoons. Doesn't it sound great? Semuc Champey is one of Guatemala's most impressive and characteristic ecosystems and, as a result, one of the most visited. You can either take a guided tour or go it alone; however, the area so large that having an expert guide who knows the terrain is probably a good idea. We would definitely recommend this option. That way, you'll get to see the sinkhole, a geological fault caused by the sinking of the Cahabón River, which disappears under the ground to reappear in various small pools around the area. What's more, most of these pools are suitable for swimming in, which is especially appealing when the temperatures are soaring and the sun is taking its toll. The heart of the country.

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