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Tamales: a flavour sensation

Without these, nothing would be the same.

Tamales are the basis of pre-Hispanic gastronomy, a very widespread dish eaten across the vast majority of Latin American countries and, of course, also in Guatemala, where it has a very privileged place in the national cuisine. A tamal is a corn-based dough that can be filled with all kinds of ingredients, both sweet and savoury, which is then wrapped in a corn or plantain leaf and steamed. The type of tamal varies according to the filling; sauces, chilies, chicken, fruit... the possibilities are endless. In Guatemala, they are so common that you'll be able to find them and try them all over the country, especially at street stalls for breakfast. They are sensational, as you'll soon know. A typical Guatemalan variety is the chuchitos, which are filled with pork lard, tomato sauce and chunks of meat.

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