Greatly revered by all Guatemalans; a symbol of national freedom.

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The Obelisk of Guatemala

Twenty metres of glory.

Located at the junction between the Avenida de las Américas, the Boulevard Liberación, the Avenida de la Reforma and the Boulevard los Próceres, this impressive monument is nearly twenty metres tall and has a plaque that reads: "this plaque symbolises our supreme aspiration to freedom and justice. Revere it. Respect it. Never let it die". And, just next to the plaque, etched in bronze, are the words of the country's Act of Independence. This is the Obelisk of Guatemala, inaugurated on 19 July 1935 and an emblem ever since of Guatemala's fight for independence. It is an authentic nation icon. For this reason, many citizens come here to honour this symbol of the freedom of a people, of a nation. The large square is also used for many of the official public acts that take place throughout the year.

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