An adventure suitable for all ages with views of the Andes

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Mundo San Rafael

For the more adventurous

It is worth the one hour and a half trip from Guayaquil to have the typically Ecuadorian experience of Mundo San Rafael (San Rafael's World), in the Bucay Canton. It could be a good option if you are interested in doing trips for a few days outside the city or if you interested in hiring a chalet with friends in the middle of the countryside. The beautiful, large Mundo San Rafael estate with the Andes mountain range 20 kilometres away. It offers all types of activities related to nature, within the Bosque Húmedo de la Esperanza forest. The programme is adapted for tourists -if there are just adults or if they travel with children- and they can offer you activities such as descending waterfalls, horse riding trails, canoeing and kayaking as well as cycling tours and paintball, always with a local snack included in the price. If you would like to get away for the weekend, you mustn't forget that the facilities are only open from May to January.

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