Museo Histórico BAE Abdón Calderón

With 130 years of history, this ship will show you a multitude of marine curiosities

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Museo Histórico BAE Abdón Calderón

A floating museum

If you are travelling with children or you are interested in epic marine battles, the Museo Histórico BAE (Buque de la Armada de Ecuador) Abdón Calderón will not fail to impress you. It is a floating museum inside a ship which was at first a simple tug boat and ended up as warship belonging to the Ecuadorian Navy. The ship, a dinosaur of iron and steam, was built in England in 1884 and bought by the Ecuadorian government two years later. It was adapted for its military use with the installation of cannons and anti-aircraft weaponry although its main missions included the surveillance of the Guayas river and military transport. In the 1970's this ship was withdrawn from active service and was turned into the museum. Here you can find old log books, the ship's tools, old photos of the original boat, the ship's cabins, war reports and guns used in various conflicts of the period.

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