Across the island, various towns specialise in the likes of leather, shoes, pottery, and glass.

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What to buy in Majorca

What should you take home from Majorca?

If you're planning to get around the island a bit, you'll have various opportunities to visit a number of places known for items that make wonderful mementos of your visit. For example, for leather and footwear, the town of Inca is the spot where you'll find shops and warehouses full of high-quality merchandise at quite low prices. Handmade pottery is another Majorca speciality, and for this you'll want to head for the various workshops of an area called Marratxí, right alongside Palma. Glassblowing is also a typical local craft, and while you can find pieces in many shops in downtown Palma, you may also want to check out some of the factories in the towns of Algaida, Campanet or Esporles.

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