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Fried sea bass with ceviche

Two recipes in one

If you want to try two authentic flavours in Quito's traditional cuisine, this is our personal recommendation: fried sea bass with ceviche. Despite its rather dubious appearance, this is one of Quito's most typical dishes, a creation based on the combination of two different recipes: a portion of coated and fried sea bass that, just before being served, is bathed in a black clam and langoustine ceviche. And if it didn't look unusual enough, the black clams may come as a bit of a surprise: both the shell and the meat are a very dark colour and they have a very intense flavour. They are, in fact, a very sorted-after product that you'll only find in certain areas of Ecuador and Peru. One of the best places to try this dish is on the top floor on the Mercado Central, where it is prepared in a very traditional way, in homage to the great culinary tradition of the city.

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