Top quality artisan products based on age-old techniques.

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Galería Latina

A taste of tradition

For over 25 years, the owners of this shop have ensured that Andean and South American jewellery, especially from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the capital. This is a unique, very different shop. The quality of the goods here is second to none, reflecting the tradition, symbolism and craftsmanship of the artisans behind the work, who continue to use the most authentic methods and techniques. The clothing line has been a huge success and offers a good range of choice, while the accessories are also not to be missed: from hats to bracelets, rings and pendants that strike a perfect balance between folklore and design. While it's not the cheapest option, no expense has been spared in the production of these high quality products and the value of each and every one is plain to see.

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