Shrines, trails and one of the most bohemian neighbourhoods in the city.

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The name Guápulo comes from the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Spain, which can be found inside this church and museum, and that was made by the Spanish sculptor Diego de Robles. This church, which was the first Marian shrine in Ecuador was built in the 17th century. However, there's a secret you should know: just a few metres from the church, you'll find the 'Camino de los Conquistadores' which is named after the Orellana expedition that passed through the area. Follow this paved trail to the viewpoint at the very end as this is the ideal place to begin your visit, offering some spectacular views of valley and the surrounding area. The shops, bars and restaurants in this area are a good indication that you are in one of the most bohemian neighbourhoods in the city.

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