Did you know that Quito is right on the Equator?

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Monumento a la Mitad del Mundo

Latitude 0 - 0´- 0”

Welcome to the middle of the world. The city of Quito is located at the exact latitude of 0 - 0´- 0”, a unique fact that was celebrated in 1836 with this monument to the middle of the world, on the exact line of the Equator. Unsurprisingly, is one of the most visited monuments in the city with people queuing up to pose with one foot in each hemisphere. It is just thirteen kilometres north of the city in the San Antonio parish, where you'll also find the city's ethnographic museum, the Museo Etnográfico de Quito. There is also a viewpoint around thirty metres tall with some very special views of the Ecuadorian capital: these stunning panoramic views are a real must.

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