Not even a terrible fire in 1999 could diminish its glory. Sublime!

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Teatro Bolívar

Real national pride

The Teatro Bolívar theatre first opened in 1933. It was the work of the architectural firm Hoffman&Henon, which had previous designed key buildings all over the United States; giving an idea of the impact this building would have on the Quito skyline. When it opened, its 2,400 seats made it the largest theatre in the city and, as a result, the most important across the entire South American continent. On the other hand, its neoclassical architecture with arabesque touches ensured the city could be truly proud of its theatre, which would become the last addition to the historic centre of Quito. Unfortunately, in 1999 a terrible fire destroyed a large amount of the original furnishings, but it wasn't long before an ambitious project was launched to restore the theatre to its former glory. Fascinating!

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