4,050 metres above sea level. Can you image the views? Unbelievable!

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The cable car to Cruz Loma

High point of the city

This is the highest cable car in South America, beginning at 2,950 metres above sea level and climbing to a height of no less than 4,050 metres. Impressive, right? It will take you to the Cruz de Loma, which is the summit of the Pichincha volcano and one of the most beautiful places in the capital. If you're well acclimatised to the altitude, the short walk to the summit is unforgettable; from the top of the volcano, you can see various Andean peaks, including Cayambe, Antisana, Pasochoa, Rummiñahui and Cotopaxí, and you'll be treated to a unique and unparalleled view of the city. Would you want to miss it?

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