Typical dishes around the centre

A gastronomy based around typical elements from different historical periods.

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Typical dishes around the centre

Culinary miscellany

You could say that Quito cuisine is a mix of different culinary traditions, starting with pre-Columbian dishes and adding the Spanish products and customs from the colonial era. In recent years, this unique blend has become a big hit among the international avant-garde as an eclectic, cosmopolitan and delicious style of food. Going back to its roots, don't miss out on dishes like locro de papas, an Inca potato stew halfway between a soup and a broth. Pernil, a dish from the colonial period, is also not to be missed. Interestingly, pigs were first introduced here by Spanish colonisers and it wasn't long before they spread rapidly across the country. As a result, countless pork dishes and ways of preparing this meat emerged, with pork shanks cooked in lemon, annatto, oregano, salt and garlic becoming one of the most popular. Over time, thin strips of pork served with bread, tomato and onion would also become a firm favourite. Delicious!

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