Discover a true treasure just 10 kilometres from San Sebastián.

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Village of Hernani

Basque essence.

Hernani is one of the towns in the region that best preserves the deepest traditions and customs of Basque culture. The particular orographic situation of the Basque Country, between the sea and the mountains, has allowed its towns to develop with little communication between them. Located 10 kilometres from Gipuzkoa's capital city, this town has a beautifully preserved old quarter. Visit it and discover traces of its history. As a strategic point for taking the Basque Country, the city was the scene of numerous battles both during the Carlist Wars and during the Spanish Civil War of 1936. Don't miss the Chillida Leku. You'll love it! And if you want to fully immerse yourself in nature, there is an appealing network of trails to choose from.

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