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At Iberia we want you to be able to carry out the following procedures easily, so here are the steps to follow.

Iberia Plus password / unblock Iberia Plus account: If you want to unblock your account or reset your password, go to your online profile on and select “Forgotten your password?”

Flight certificate: If you want a certificate proving your presence on a flight, please make sure you have your ticket number handy (otherwise, we won't be able to issue it) and then submit your request through the following link:

Access/Change claims: To check the status of a claim, go to and enter your claim/incident reference number

Change booking details: For changes to dates or flights, or the name that appears in the booking, etc., contact us through the following channels:

If you aren't a member of Iberia Plus: call us on 900 111 500. To contact us from another country, go through our Booking Offices

If you are a member of Iberia Plus (you will need to supply your Iberia Plus number): as well as calling us on the above number, you can contact us on the specific number for your Iberia Plus Service Centre or through the form you'll find at the following link:

Iberia is also committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. We therefore explain how you can exercise the following rights:

Modification / Update: This right entitles you to modify your personal data. You will need to accompany your request with a document proving the accuracy of your data (DNI, Passport, NIE).

·        Objection / Restriction: This right entitles you to object to the data controller processing your data. At Iberia, it means among other things that you do not give us your consent to send you commercial communications.

If you are an IBERIA PLUS MEMBER, you can exercise most of these rights through your online profile on, by logging in to your private Iberia Plus area, selecting "Your Iberia Plus" and then "Profile".

Likewise, if you are an ON BUSINESS MEMBER, you can exercise most of these rights through your online profile at, by logging in to your private corporate area.

You can also exercise the following rights:

·        Cancellation / Erasure: At Iberia, this right entitles you to unsubscribe from the Iberia Plus, On Business, Iberia Joven or Auction programme.

·        Access: At Iberia we explain everything you need to know about how and why we process your data in our privacy policy, available on the web site, but you can also request information about your past bookings and claims.

        Portability: This right entitles you to transfer your data to another data controller, provided the basis of their processing is your consent.

If you can't find it directly in your profile because you aren't a member of Iberia Plus or On Business, or if you have encountered problems exercising your rights, you can do this through the following form

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