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Alcántara Equestrian Centre

A rural country house.

If after getting to know the equestrian passion in Jerez you want to learn more or feel like a rider yourself, you have the best opportunity to interact with the horses at the Alcántara Equestrian Centre, located on a farm on Carretera Cortes. The farmhouse is located in the middle of the Jerez countryside, between fields of cotton, cereal, beet and vineyards. Here you can enjoy pony trekking and riding lessons, and you can even watch how the horses work with the cattle to select the livestock or the weaning of their offspring. The same equestrian centre also offers activities that require minimal knowledge of riding: hare coursing (pursued by trained greyhounds) and the opportunity to participate in the Jerez Fair as a knight on a horse, as well as advice on the equipment you will need to become a rider.

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