An amazing archaeological exhibit located in one of city's most traditional neighbourhoods.

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Archaeological Museum

Collection of ten.

One of the city's most authentic and traditional neighbourhoods, San Mateo, and specifically its old Mercado Square, houses a collection which you cannot miss: the Archaeological Museum. It was launched in the sixties with funds from the Municipal Archaeological Collection, which have since been supplemented by other objects made ​​in the later excavations of the city's sites. The Archaeological Museum is in a 18th century palace, today spanning 3,200 square metres, which takes visitors on a journey into the past. The collection showcases the long history of Jerez, from the early Palaeolithic settlements (with seniority from 600,000 to 18,000 years), to the issuance of coins and numismatic funds from the 3rd century A.D to the 19th century, through the remains of the Corinthian and Roman influence on Jerez territory.

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