Exclusive designs for all types of souvenirs, not only from Jerez, but Andalusia in general.

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Artesanía Viva

Gifts and souvenirs.

Crossing Plateros Square, on Tornería Street, you will find the concept of 'souvenir' being taken to a new level in the Artesanía Viva Shop, with as many gifts as you can imagine relating to Jerez and Andalusia with their exclusive designs. Its selection changes depending on the time of year: from 'flamenco scenes' to tributes to the Jerez fair, through objects dedicated to the art of equestrian-bullfighting and, of course, the local wine culture. This is probably one of the best places to find ancient-looking tiles, a stunning collection of fans or shawls, ceramic and leather crafts, flamenco-style jewellery and decorative castanet heels. You will also find archaeological reproductions, fossils, minerals and geodes. Artesanía Viva has an interesting exchange with Moroccan craftsmen, so if you want to be sure to find an exotic object look no further.

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