Something not to be missed! Its Frenchified organ works mechanically today.

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Walk on top of the Great Mosque.

When you step onto the floor of the Cathedral of Jerez bear in mind that this sacred building stands on the remains of the original Great Mosque, which was where Emir Ibn Hud lost to the Christian troops during the Reconquista. The first church which replaced this mosque was el Salvador, built in the 12th century, and of which there are no remains left today. Today the Cathedral's Basilica, dating back to the 17th century, welcomes its guests with an impressive architectural mix of Gothic, Baroque and neoclassical styles showing the construction timeline. After passing through the imposing Baroque façade, you will find something interesting inside: a 1781 French organ, which was originally operated by hand but, after its restoration, can now be operated with a mechanical engine.

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