An unconventional mix of flavours and presentation. Their prawn muffins say it all, do they not?

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Reino de León Gastrobar

Experimental cuisine.

Dishes such as 'prawn muffins', 'mini- tandoori-masala-skewers', 'creamy cheddar and liquorice lollipops' or 'torpedo prawns and sweet chilli' give you an idea of ​​what you'll find in the Reino de León Gastrobar Restaurant. Unique and unconventional, this restaurant, situated on Latorre Street, has become an experimental gastronomic centre for chef José Luis Prieto Rodriguez. The classic recipes combine products from Leon and Jerez in a curious mix of flavours, all presented in an exquisite way and oriented towards gourmets who want to try exclusive dishes. In the Reino de León Gastrobar Restaurant you can find 'Jerez cabbage with green beans and squash' or 'chickpea pedrosillados with chorizo and Leon pancetta'. And make sure you leave room for dessert, amongst which you will find the 'Kabuka': an Andalusian mousse with spices and filled with hazelnuts and chocolate.

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