An unusual museum with a picturesque collection - do not forget to book by phone.

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Wine Label Museum

15,000 labels!

Las Bodegas Garvey offers tourists, upon reservation by phone, a visit to the unusual and colourful collection that forms the Wine Label Museum. No less than 15,000 bottle labels from the Jerez-Xerez-Sherry from 1854-1954, and a collection of hand-painted bottles from the 19th century. The unusual collection is categorised by winery and theme: some have adverts as original as 'The best tonic for the blood: tonic wine for the sick' appearing alongside two drawings: a sickly child before and after taking a drink of wine . The Wine Label Museum also offers an interesting history of bottle print advertising, with bullfighters, kings, historical or mythical characters, including alleged recommendations from Pope Leo XIII, who appeared on the label of a 'miraculous wine'.

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