An 1814 Colonial building reconstructed after Hurricane Mitch, which now serves as a museum space

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Casa Salud DeBayle

A pre-Columbian museum

The Casa Salud DeBayle was Central America's first medical clinic; it was inaugurated by Dr. Luis H. DeBayle, known as Sabio DeBayle, who tried to give free medical consultations to local residents, despite the lack of necessary of resources. Constructed in 1814, this Colonial building was the headquarters of a bank before it was converted into a doctor's surgery, and is now an extension of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, where a large selection of pre-Columbian art is exhibited, most notably hand-made artefacts dating from before 500 AD. The build, found in the historic centre of León, suffered significant damage during Hurricane Mitch, which caused the second floor to collapse. The reconstruction was financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, which invested almost one million euro. It is also the headquarters of the municipal library.

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