This central area of the city has lots of historical links to the famous writer from Czarist Russia.

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Dostoevsky Neighbourhood

Great Russian novelist.

Russian literature has produced some true masters over time who have had a huge impact around the world. One of these literary giants is Dostoyevsky, a famous 19th-century writer. He was so important to the city that a whole neighbourhood was named after him when he died. The Dostoyevsky neighbourhood is the centre of the city and is very close to Sennaya Square. However, it is not actually the official name of this neighbourhood. Dostoyevsky was a curious character and would only live in houses on corners so he could always look out on two streets. In total, he lived in 20 different houses and one of them, at 1, 9 and 7 Kaznacheyskaya Street, where he wrote Crime and Punishment, is open to visitors.

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