Step inside this exclusive boutique and discover the latest creations from Russian designer Lilia Kisselenko.

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Kisselenko Salon

Russia's most expensive fashion.

Kisselenko Salon is an elegant city-centre boutique just 7 minutes from the Chernyshevskaya metro. It sells exclusive clothing and accessories by fashion designer Lilia Kisselenko. Her designs have a strong linear and conceptual, yet very feminine, feel to them with a sensitive and mysterious touch. Although Kisselenko is not that well known internationally, she is slowly making a name for herself within the world of Russian fashion. She uses many shades of black and white: two staple colours in any wardrobe. This is an ideal place to buy local designer clothes that are very different from stereotypical Russian fashion with understated colours and innovative fabrics. Lilia Kisselenko has another shop in the city called Defile and if you are lucky, you might find the designer herself at one of her shops.

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