Having a cup of tea is a ritual in its own right. In this relaxing tea house, you can choose from over 200 types of tea!

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Tsely Mir

Tea for all tastes.

You could say that tea is millions of years old, with the first cup being recorded in 250 BC. Since then, it has spread around the world and become a key part of many cultures. This teahouse can be found on Vasilyevsky Island, close to the palace bridge. Tsely Mir, a true shrine to this million-year-old drink, is both a teahouse and a shop where you'll find over 200 different types of tea. It is a very peaceful place decorated in an authentic Japanese style. When you're brought your tea, the waiter will explain how it should be prepared as the whole ritual is very important. This would be a great place for a quiet break, where you can relax on the comfortable cushions and listen to traditional Japanese music.

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