Another palatial must-visit, with spectacular façades and a remarkable winter garden.

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Belvedere Palace

Baroque grandeur.

Together with the Hofburg and Schönbrunn, the Belvedere completes the trio of Vienna's three most important royal palaces. Built in the early 18th century as the summer palace of Eugene of Savoy, it's a gigantic, one might say megalomaniacal double-construction (called Upper and Lower Belvedere) separated by lovely French-style gardens. The façade of the Upper Belvedere is the more imposing of the two, built with the purpose of demonstrating the power of the ruler who had defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1683 as well as to celebrate the liberation of the people from the yoke of the neighbouring country. Though the most striking views are from outside, you should also not miss a visit to the winter garden, the Orangery.

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