This collection of 3,000 ingenious antique clocks on Schulhof Strasse will have you all wound up, but…

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Clock Museum

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Part of the Wien Museum, right in the historic downtown between walls dating back to the Middle Ages, the Uhrenmuseum is certainly one of Vienna's most curious museums. Throughout its three floors you'll find a wealth of watches, clocks, and other methods of keeping time from the 15th century onward. You'll see, for example, the astronomical clock of David, which could pinpoint solar eclipses and the movement of planets, as well as a replica of the clock in the tower of St. Stefan's Cathedral, in order to explain how it functions. And get this - many of these antiques are kept in working order, and every hour on the hour they bong, chime, clang, and so forth at once. Just a heads up... Located at Schulhoff Strasse 2.

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