Sharks in downdown Vienna, and staring down piranhas.

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House of the Sea Aquarium

Sharks on the 10th floor!

Ironically, Austria's biggest animal exhibition - more than 4,000 critters of myriad species, housed in a onetime anti-aircraft tower - is smack in the middle of downtown Vienna. And perhaps even more oddly, the actual acuatic habitats are on the tenth floor, so you've got hammerhead sharks swimming around 30 metres (98 feet) above street level. There are also sections called House of the Tropics and Croc-Park, with birds, primates, crocodiles, other reptiles, and all manner of various exotic fauna organised by habitats. And there's also an option called "Grasping Nature," which allows you to touch a shark's teeth or stare right into the mouth of a piranha. There's no danger, but it does take some nerve - are you up for it?

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