How about Freud dolls, beer steins, or snow globes?

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Perfect mementos or gifts that evoke the spirit of Vienna.

If there are three figures which best symbolise Vienna, they'd have to be Mozart, the Empress Sisi, and Sigmund Freud, and in fact they pop up around town in various shapes and forms. The Freud doll in particular has been somewhat fashionable for several years now, and is even thought by some to bring luck (even though this would hardly seem to be in accordance with Freudian theory); in any case, this shrunken shrink makes a cute and yet meaningful souvenir of Vienna. Other typical local items worth considering include beer steins with their characteristic lids, adorned with all sorts of Austrian motifs, and charming blown glass snow globes originally invented in Vienna in 1900, now made in traditional or modern motifs. You can find all the above in shops and stalls in the Innere Stadt on the streets around the cathedral.

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