Built around thoroughbreds originally from Spain, this institution maintains and displays exquisite horsemanship.

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Spanish Riding School

Exquisitely artistic equestrianism since 1572.

Created as part of the Hofburg Palace in 1572, the Spanishe Hofreitschule has maintained its stables of thoroughbreds and classical dressage traditions at the highest levels ever since. The riding school interior designed by Joseph Emanuel Fischer in 1729 is considered the most beautiful in the world, and certainly makes an impressive backdrop for the impressive shows put on by the famous Lippizaners, a breed originally from Spain (hence the name of the school) which start out black but end up white. Riders are among the world's top equestrian elite, and their training takes many years. Vistors have the option of touring the facilities, watching training sessions, and/or viewing performances.

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