Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo, the world's oldest

Where the wild things are, in Vienna.

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Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo, the world's oldest

Not only the world's oldest, but Europe's best.

In 1752 the emperor Franz I had the idea of installing on his premises what he called a "house of beasts," and dedicated part of his gardens to the care and study of exotic animals from other lands. That of course was the beginning of this, the world's oldest zoo. Centuries later, in 1906, this zoo marked the first time an African elephant was successfully born in captivity, and in 2007 repeated the same feat with a giant panda. At present, the number of exotic species in the Schönbrunn Zoo, many of them in danger of extinction, make this one of the world's foremost centres of wildlife protection. It's not for nothing that it has three times been named Europe's best zoo.

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