Tostmann's typical Austrian costumes

This traditional Viennese clothing boutique will show you a dirndl good time.

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Tostmann's typical Austrian costumes

A Viennese folklore tradition.

There's a shop in Vienna's historic centre that's different from any other you'll come across in this city. For Tostmann Trachten still manufactures traditional Austrian clothing and has been doing so for more than a half century - meaning a visit to this boutique is a colourful introduction to generations of this country's sartorial customs and traditions. Appropriately attired salespeople will be inordinately pleased to show and explain their wares. There is also a large selection of books to consult on the origins of the various outfits, particularly with regard to the rural areas of the 18th through 20th centuries. Unsurprisingly, the most popular garments are ladies' dirndls, but there are also plenty of capes, kerchiefs, skirts, vests, hats, and trousers of all shapes, sizes, and fabrics which provide insight into Viennese life and society through its dress.

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