Viennese café society, its Turkish origins, and Café Landtmann.

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Viennese coffee

Vienna and coffee have gone together for centuries.

The Viennese coffee tradition goes back to 1683, when during the Battle of Kahlenberg the retreating Turks were obliged to leave behind many sacks of coffee - and so a local hero used some of that to open the first documented coffeehouse, the Hof zur Blauen Flasche (House of the Blue Bottle). This set the template for those that would come later - a place not merely for imbibing a hot beverage but for socialising, playing chess, sharing the news of the day, and more. Today of course there's an enormous choice, but one you shouldn't miss is Café Landtmann at Universitätsring 4. It was Sigmund Freud's favorite and it might just become yours, too!

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