You can find nougat all year round. The best are from the Ivanez and Zuricalday turron shops.

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Bilbao turron (nougat)

A surprising nougat tradition.

Did you know that Bilbao’s ‘turron’ (nougat) tradition dates back over 150 years? Not many people know this, but the tradition of turron-making is deeply rooted in the city. There are several important manufacturers, such as the Ivanez and Zuricalday Turron Shops, which have been in business for over a century, specialising in the preparation and creation of turron. Despite being a seasonal product (generally only made around Christmas), you can find it throughout the year. In fact, you may also see it as a dessert option in restaurants, particularly in the Old Town, where most of it is made. If you can, try the Soconusco, which comes from the Xoconochco region in Mexico, which is said to have some of the best cacao in the world, brought to Bilbao by Inigo de Urruta. This kind was made popular by Martina de Zuricalday (her bakery in the Getxo district is still open today), but has actually become one of Bilbao’s main sweet products.

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