Do you know what a paraguayisima night is?

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El Grillo Cantobar

Do you know what a paraguayisima night is?

If you don't like karaoke bars, avoid El Grillo Contobar. But if you want a surreal night out, watching first-hand how the locals have fun during what they literally call "paraguayisimas nights", this bar offers a night out that will be, without a doubt, different from what you have seen so far in Asunción. El Grillo Cantobar is not only open at night, it is also perfect for after work, when you can enjoy Paraguayan cuisine, specializing in grills and barbecues, accompanied by excellent beer. There is an interactive area with Wi-Fi where diners can display messages on screens at the bar via Bluetooth; enough sangria or cocktails to make you lose your senses and, of course, the main musical attraction: karaoke, which entertains tourists and locals alike. You can also compete in trivia games hosted by the El Grillo Cantobar DJ to win an extra turn at the microphone.

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