Catalonian gastronomy: a prime example of the world's unique dishes.

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Avant-garde Cuisine

Traditional versus avant-garde.

Despite the traditional Catalonian cuisine’s great popularity, the city has become a Mecca for avant-garde and innovative cuisine. The city has a world-class reputation for signature cuisine. Without a doubt, prestigious chef Ferran Adria contributed to putting Barcelona on the culinary map. Born in Barcelona in 1962, Adria has been awarded three Michelin stars (the most in the restaurant world) and his restaurant El Bulli has been named the best restaurant in the world on five separate occasions since 2002. However, the owner decided to temporarily shut it down in 2011. The city of Barcelona has exploited this gastronomic recognition. If you are looking for a good restaurant and good food, with a touch of innovation, we recommend Casa Calvet, located at number 48, Casp Street. This is an historical building, decorated by Gaudi, and its food is the some of the most famous in the city. They serve typical dishes with a twist, which is guaranteed to be something you have never seen before.

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